Jonah…Another Look

Most people know the biblical story of Jonah.  They know that Jonah was a man of God, who ran from God’s plan.  As a consequence he ended up in a big fish and then begrudgingly went ahead  and did what he was called to do. Most Christian studies of Jonah are intended to encourage the disobedient minister. This is not that kind of blog.  This blog recounts a modern story of Jonah from the point of view of a passenger on Jonah’s ship.  It’s from the perspective of one who knowingly traveled with a man who thought that he escaped God’s plan for his life.

My husband is Jonah!   I live on Jonah’s ship.  This blog resulted from knowing my journey on the ill-fated voyage with a man who lost passion to fulfill God’s plan for his life is not that uncommon.  But talking about it is.  Talking about anything that doesn’t make us look like saints is taboo in the church.  We do the famous Christian gloss over.  We try to sound spiritually deep to cover up our pain.  We keep quiet the true struggles because we fear embarrassment.  Yet we miss that our transparent, out loud walk through the storm is for God’s glory.  This blog is for His glory.  Though it will address the impact of a husband’s choices, it is written to give light to the OMNIPRESENCE of God.  In the very midst of the storm, on Jonah’s ship, there is GROWTH.  There is JOY in the midst of pain.  There is CLARITY in the cloud.  There is DELIVERANCE from the depths.

Travel with me as I recount an unabridged story from a sinking ship.  Please share your thoughts and testimonies.  It is from this transparent canvas that we can and will inspire those who need it the most – the seasick voyager in the ocean of despair.


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