Before Boarding, far from the shore..

Though Jonah’s ship was waiting for passengers at the far off shore, we could only catch a faint glimpse of it.  We were inland. Laboring for the Lord…

He began his sermon with a song.  The words of the hymn resonated through the church and quickly awakened the hearts of the listeners.  The Spirit of the Lord engendered shouting of amens and hallelujahs.   “Great is the Thy Faithfulness” was not a song that he sang because he liked to hear himself sing or enjoyed the compliments of the congregation.  It was song that ministered to him.  After the song, the Spirit guided him through a powerful message of hope.  People responded to the message passionately.  Hearts were softened.  Some came to the altar for prayer, rededication or the greatest victory – accepting Christ.  I was thankful that God was using him in such a mighty way.  I was proud of him!  I was astounded by how he humbly allowed God to use him.

Like Jonah, my husband is a church boy.  The epitome of a child who practically grew up living at the church.  The son of a truly great, godly man who founded a small church.  My late father in law pastored  for forty-five years.  He gave my husband the kind of example that one would expect from a pastor.  He consistently sought the Lord as his GPS for raising his seven children.  He showed my husband how to be a good husband, and a good father.  Growing up in the Word, my husband knows the Bible’s life principles. At a young age he showed a gift to minister in song. His anointing shone brilliantly when he sang solos. Many people told him he’d be a minister but he would not let their accolades determine his walk.  Though he felt the tugging to the preaching ministry, he prayed and waited for a confirmation God.

If your spouse, fiancee, boyfriend or girlfriend is seeking this confirmation, run!  No, I am kidding.  Pray!  Pray for the message to be clear.  Pray for a shield of protection around them because piercing arrows of discouragement are soon to come.  Pray for strength to know how to support him as the one true confidant.  The one who can listen, encourage and love hard in the midst of the rarely mentioned ugly moments of church leadership.


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